Progress Your Journey Towards Sustainable IT Systems

Let’s leap ahead in safeguarding our planet by trailing sustainable IT and cloud practices to ensure a better planet for future generations with our carbon-neutral infrastructure solutions for IT organizations.

Transform Your Sustainable Goals With UnityOne

A unified dashboard to monitor, measure, and manage the power consumptions and CO2 emissions of all your distributed IT environments from a single place.

Architect Sustainable IT Models and Analyze Carbon Footprint With UnityOne

We help enterprises get complete visibility and transparency of their carbon footprints and map their journey towards sustainability. To date, we have transformed a few hundred customers into achieving net zero carbon emissions, and the count is increasing daily. Our powerful solutions, such as carbon neutral recommendation engines, cognitive carbon analysis, dashboards, and reports, have already benefitted our customers in reducing their global carbon footprints. We welcome you to join us in creating the earth as a better place for living.

IT Asset Carbon Monitoring

Recommendation Engine

Carbon Report Generation
External Tool Integration

Customization Of Dashboards

Comply To Green Standards

How UnityOne Makes Customer’s Infrastructures Carbon Neutral

With years of expertise in providing services for data center colocation, hosting, private cloud infrastructure, edge cloud, and hybrid cloud management, we as a company help our customers in the creation of end-to-end sustainable strategies that not only enable in delivering modernized infrastructure but also enables them towards the reduction of carbon footprints and helps them save more on CAPEX and OPEX investments.

Data Center Infrastructure Carbon Analysis

Using our tool, you can track and optimize the carbon emission and energy consumption of data center devices with remote data center management functionalities. You can also reduce carbon emissions by optimizing the power required by the devices in the data center.

Hybrid and Multicloud Carbon Analysis

Ease your management of Hybrid Cloud, Multicloud and Edge Cloud resources and monitor the carbon emissions generated by your resources globally. Also analyze cloud performance, resource optimization, and energy consumption to minimize carbon emissions of the entire cloud infrastructure.

IT Asset Carbon Footprint Analysis

On-board your enterprise IT assets such as desktops, mobile devices, routers, IoT devices, edge appliances, etc., into UnityOne, where users can visualize the carbon footprints of their IT systems. Users can also optimize the IT assets carbon emission based on the analysis done by the recommendation engine.

Unified Sustainability Reports Management

Helps customers generate reports on the carbon emission levels across their discrete global infrastructural footprints like data centers, edge locations, and cloud resources to meet environmental, social, and governance sustainability frameworks.

Carbon Neutral Recommendation Engine

A powerful recommendation engine to guide organizations to reduce carbon emissions from their IT infrastructure. It takes inputs from metrics that are derived from the operational analysis of power usage trends, optimization of servers, optimization of data centers, virtualization of compute, network, and storage in real-time, and suggests recommendations for achieving carbon-neutral cloud ecosystems.

Analyze Power Usage Trends

A detailed analysis of power consumption of physical assets and power consumed by the cooling system.

Data Center Modernization

Modernizes the data center’s infrastructure by lowering PUE and enabling cold aisle containment systems.

Optimization Of Servers

Resizing of servers based on utilization trends and consumption trends of customer’s infrastructures.


Recommendations on virtualization of core areas around network, compute, and storage systems.

Optimization Of Data Center

Optimizing high-density delivery points (PODs) and replacing legacy hardware and unused assets.

Migration To Cloud

Assessment based recommendations on existing infrastructure for cloud migrations & app modernizations.

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