The client is a leading global manufacturing company based out in US with multiple manufacturing plants located globally that manufactures high end machinery equipment for its customers.

The Challenges

  • All the existing monitoring tools in the customer environment were functioning in silos, impacting the overall day-to-day operations.

  • Events generated by these tools were not correlated and managed correctly and, due to this, the operation team was struggling to identify, investigate and resolve critical issues.

  • Moreover, the lack of end-to-end visibility of IT Infrastructure was causing delay in making strategic discussions.

  • Without persona-based dashboards it was quite challenging for the Technology team to streamline end to end business as usual operation.

  • Manual way of tickets creation and Resolution was time consuming and tedious at the same time.

AIOps Based Solution

Auto Discovery

Full-stack Hybrid IT discovery and dependency mapping to discover entire hybrid IT estate from the data center to the cloud and everything in between to maintain up-to-date inventory.

Unified Monitoring

Integrated UnityOne’s monitoring to replace all the existing tools of customer with one single tool from where users can have end to end visibility across different IT environments.

Auto Correlation

Integrated AIOPS within customer’s infrastructure to collect data from end-to-end Network, Systems, Databases to monitor and run AI/ML models to perform Continuous correlation of events, incidents, and alerts to detect any potential machine critical outages, performance issues, and product maintenance.

Auto Ticketing

Automated rule-based service ticket routing to right technical departments enabled customer with quick resolution of user problems, infrastructure changes, configuration change requests in single touch points.

Auto Remediation

Despite growing IT workloads this engagement enabled better utilization of resources, tools, frameworks to remediate higher volumes of failures that improves the overall service delivery process and enhances customer experience. Builded single step recovery use cases to handle repeated failures and decrease downtimes.

Persona Based Tooling

Role based dashboards for IT Directors, Operations team, Development teams to monitor, manage resources effectively and visualize insights in real time to take strategic decisions.

Customer Benefits

  • An integrated and automated AIOps by eliminating the need of eyeball monitoring

  • Resulted in 80% infrastructure alert correlation with 35% self-remediation

  • 95% noise reduction for digital command center operations

  • Executive overview of curated CloudOps dashboards for compute, storage, networks etc. made strategic decisions faster

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